Artist Statement


The color is my voice. I work intuitively, let myself be guided. In my abstract works even more than in the representational painting. Often it is not yet clear to me what wants to come to the surface. I am moved by personal, emotional – but also social and societal issues.

My artistic origins lie in representational painting. But for me, it is and was never about the surface. I want to go into depth. I have found that the more I abstract, the more concretely I am able to represent what I want to express.

This apparent contradiction benefits both my figurative and my abstract painting.


Kohlezeichnung Porträt

My entire approach is characterized by immediacy. I experiment with different materials, applying the paint layer by layer in glazes. In this way, the light can penetrate the different layers and is reflected from the depths in some places. It thus becomes part of the artwork.

What does it illuminate? Everything that occupies the artist – on the surface, but also and perhaps even first in the depths. The work of art is finished, successful, when it brings the different layers into harmony.