Art Speaks!

An empty wall is silent. It doesn't speak to you - as if you were not there! But a space that communicates through art is alive. Art is more than decoration. Art is multifaceted, it speaks. The conversation with art never ends.

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  • Art is the most fundamental form of human expression. In a world dominated by technology, it connects us to our origins.
  • Art is a conversation starter. It provokes thought, unleashes ideas and opens up new perspectives.
  • Art tells stories. The artist starts the stories, but you continue them when you look at it, feel it, live with it.


  • Art reflects your personality, your values and your style. It makes your space your home. The things you surround yourself with show who you are. This is especially true of art.
  • Art is born of creativity, dedication and imagination. It is a daily source of inspiration.
  • Art is touching. It arouses emotions, keeps memories alive and inspires dreams. Art makes us feel.
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Hi, I am Lea. How nice to have you here!

My painting tells of fragility.
Of humans and nature, their relationship to each other.
It tells of love,
of loss and pain.
About how we overcome obstacles,
defy difficulties and find courage.
My painting tells about life.

We must have the courage to face ourselves. That's the only way to create authentic works."


On my website, I showcase current series of my original art and some selected art print editions.

You can also find my artwork in the galleries Saatchi Art and Balthasart.

"The secret of art is not seeking,
but finding."

Pablo Picasso


My approach to art is intuitive and characterized by the joy of creating. I am not bound by themes or motifs. I paint what touches me.

I experiment with various materials. I like it when the media I work with cannot be planned down to the last detail. This gives me the opportunity to create meaningful works with emotional weight. I am not interested in pure depiction.

I have been working as an artist since 2020. But my passion for art goes back to my childhood. From the beginning I have taken every opportunity to practice my drawing "craft" and develop my understanding of art based on great paintings, for example in museums, exhibitions, reviews and books.

This process is alive and ongoing.

I attach great importance to quality and I use only the best artist materials. But I pay particular attention to sustainability and environmental compatibility. The protection of species and the environment is close to my heart. Therefore, I also work as resource-conserving as possible.
My artwork is created in my studio in a small town in Western Germany. From there, your new favourite piece, packed with love and care by me, will be on its way to you.

Each of my original works of art is unique. As unique as you are.

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