Fine Art Prints

When it comes to fine art prints, I trust Theprintspace.
 There, master printers use intuition, the latest technology and the finest materials to create art prints that convey the feeling of real craftsmanship.

Discover my series of fine art prints 

Cave Paintings

Limited special edition at a special price

The artworks in this series visualize the transformation of nature, from vibrant, lush greens to warm, earthy tones and falling leaves.

Cave Paintings

Limited Edition

This miniseries is inspired by the discovery of the 'Sistine Chapel of ancient civilisations'. It is a nearly 13-kilometre-long cliff face of Ice Age cave paintings in a remote region of the Colombian Amazon.

Inspired by Nature

Limited Edition

Nature, with its beauty and wildness, its unruliness, is one of my greatest sources of inspiration. I feel connected to it, to myself and to my environment. I paint what I feel there.

Old Attitude

Limited Edition

In nude painting, my artistic approach is not to depict naked bodies. I try to express attitudes and emotions, identity and intimacy.

Fine Art Prints From Theprintspace

Like a painting

Printed on high quality, textured watercolour paper, the Art print gives you the feeling of holding the original in your hands.


Your order will be processed within 24 hours. Your new art print will arrive at your home within 3–13 days.


Since 2019, Theprintspace is 100% carbon-neutral. Even the packaging is made of sustainably produced, recyclable or biodegradable materials.

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