Catching the essence

Art with something to say.
What do you see, what do you  feel ?


Art asks questions, leads into conversation, unleashes ideas. It wants to be explored and discovered. I invite you to do so.


I let myself be guided, work intuitively. My search movement in the working process penetrates thereby less from the surface, from shades, colours and areas into the depth, but rather vice versa. I allow my paintings to grow.
Everything that moves me - emotions, social, societal but also personal issues - flows into my painting.

I experiment with different materials, applying the paint layer by layer in glazes. The light that penetrates the various layers and is reflected from the depths thus becomes part of the work.

Im studio der Künstlerin

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.”



Travelling, getting to know cultures, experiencing nature, these are the sources of my inspiration. I see the connection I feel with nature as a gift. I want to protect and preserve it, not only for my children. I also want to give something back. That's why I'm donating a percentage of the profits from selected works to various organizations working to preserve our environment and biodiversity.
Discover the artworks involved in this campaign and the organizations they support.



New South Wales, Australien

Hello Lea,

Your prints arrived today, and they are even more beautiful in "real". I love them. I don't know if I can part with them for the fundraiser!!!!


Baden-Württemberg, Germany

The painting arrived superfast, thank you so much! Like the last one (always nice to look at), this one is a beautiful drawing, very natural. I hope to find something nice again, I'll keep checking your shop.



Having trouble imagining my art in your space? Just drop me a line to request a mock-up. All I need is a frontal photo of the wall where the artwork will hang and the dimensions of any furniture or objects that will be visible.

I will then mount the painting in your photo. This way you can see how the painting will look in its final location.

Email me at

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Limited Edition

In addition to original one-of-a-kind pieces, you will also find exclusive limited edition fine art prints in my shop.

Kunst in limitierter Auflage
Kunstdrucke nach Originalen der Künstlerin Lea Finke
Abstrakte Kunst

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  Sprachen As an abstract artist, I frequently encounter questions and comments that challenge the nature of my work. "I don't get it" is just one of these reactions, for which I at least appreciate the honesty. Abstract art is divisive. This form of art goes beyond mere representation. It challenges both the artist and the viewer to engage emotionally. The lack of clearly recognizable subjects can be confusing, but it also creates space for personal interpretations. Abstract art forces us to look beyond the obvious and feel the unspoken. During a presentation of my art, someone asked if my

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