Sketches in Luggage: A Declaration of Love to Paris

  Sprachen „Da stehe ich auf der Brücke und bin wieder mitten in Paris, in unserer aller Heimat. Da fließt das Wasser, da liegst du,

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Weihnachtskranz an einer Brücke - Die Vorweihnachtszeit ist auch die Zeit für die Jagd nach dem perfekten Geschenk.

The Magic of Giving: 5 Reasons Art Makes the Perfect Gift

Sprachen Okay, today I'm coming out of the closet: I love Christmas. There is something in the air in the lead up to Christmas and

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Acrylfarben und Pinsel liegen bereit zum Malen, aber wie gelingt nachhaltiges Malen mit Acryl? painting sustainably with acrylics.

Painting Sustainably with Acrylics: How to Avoid Microplastics in Wastewater

  Sprachen Acrylics are one of the most popular art mediums. This is not surprising. The colors are brilliant, the applications are varied, the handling

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Kunst pflegen und schützen.

How to Keep Your Paintings Beautiful: Art Care and Protection

Sprachen You've found a favorite piece of art for your home and want to make sure you can enjoy it for years to come? Or

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Meisterwerk der Renaissance: Ausschnitt aus Botticellis Geburt der Venus

The Renaissance: When Brushes Changed the World

Sprachen When I hear the term Renaissance, I immediately feel transported to Italy. No wonder, since it was particularly pronounced in Italy. From there, it

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Das Bild zeigt einen Tisch mit Kunstmaerial auf einem Künstlermarkt unter freiem Himmel.

Open Arts Dortmund: My Participation in the Art Fair

  Sprachen The anticipation is growing. On July 9th, hopefully a beautiful summer day, the "Culture Island" at the Phoenix Lake in Dortmund will once

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10 of My Favorite Art Books (+1 Bonus Book)

  Sprachen I love books. All kinds of books. Obviously, there are a few rows of art books on my bookshelves. And I use them.

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Searching for Traces: Hidden Stories Behind Brushstrokes

Sprachen It's that time of year again. I'm looking forward to it: When Judith Peters calls for a blog challenge, it gets exciting. She always

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