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I paint what works inside me. I deal with some themes again and again. This is how my art series come about. They open up the possibility for me to explore the subjects more deeply, to play with them and make them more precise, to perceive nuances and thus do them justice.

Field of Flowers

November 2023

I soaked up the last rays of sunshine and created a flower meadow with watercolor gestures, lines and a bit of texture.


June 2023

The art series captures the essence of a world awakening from sleep and slowly filling with life. It creates an aesthetic balance between the serenity of nature and a subtle energy in the air.


March 2023

This art series is an invitation to discover the beauty of winter. Let yourself be enchanted by its mystical atmosphere.


Winter 2022

This is my most personal art series to date.

Our experiences have an impact. They influence how we feel and think, our relationships, our basic trust. The traces left behind are the lines where we put ourselves back together. They are sutures, space for development.


Summer 2022

After almost 2 years of pandemic, I missed the feeling of travelling, the lightness of life and the sea. In the series "Shore" I painted the longing.

Golden Fields

Spring 2022

The painted feeling of walking through undulating fields of wheat is the subject of this series.

Our Earth

Ongoing Series

Nature is wild, beautiful and overwhelming. But it is also vulnerable. We have a lot to lose. That's what I'm painting about in this series.


Ongoing Series

This art series is a journey to myself.


Ongoing Series

The division of the landscape into above and below the horizon creates a tension that fascinates me. A pull of space and time. I play with that in this series.

Welcome to my online art gallery 

Here you can buy my original artworks. The abstract art will look wonderful in your house, office or apartment. The canvases, paper and paints I use are of professional quality. Each canvas is gallery framed, which means the staples are on the back. You can hang them without a frame.

If you would like to see how a painting would look on your wall, you can send me a photo of your living room, bedroom, dining room or other place you would like to hang the painting. I will then insert the artwork into that photo so you can get an idea of how it will look later in the room.
If you have any other questions, let me know. I look forward to hearing from you.

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