June 14, 2023

The anticipation is growing. On July 9th, hopefully a beautiful summer day, the "Culture Island" at the Phoenix Lake in Dortmund will once again be transformed into a place of art and creativity. For the 10th time the Open Arts PhönixSee will take place. And this year I will be there!

For me, this is my first time at this art fair. As a newbie, my anticipation is mixed with a fair amount of excitement, and I'm up to my neck in preparations.

The Art Fair

Artist and organizer Claudia Hiddemann-Holthoff has been organizing the Open Arts project since 2012. In the meantime, the open-air art exhibition has gained a good reputation far beyond regional and even national borders. This is due to the relaxed atmosphere and the special character of the location, but above all to the art and the artists.

This year, around 60 artists from Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands will be exhibiting their work. Are you looking for something special? Of course, you can buy the works of art on the spot. In addition to paintings of all genres, there will also be photography, sculptures, woodwork, ceramics and objects to admire and buy. Free admission, of course.

The perfect event for a summer Sunday.

OpenArts Phoenix See 2023

Sunday, July 9, 2023
11:00 am to 6:00 pm
On the Kulturinsel on the west shore of the Phoenix Lake
44269 Dortmund-Hörde

The Location

Phoenix Lake is an artificial lake. A good 20 years ago, steel was still being cast here. In 2001, the last steel mill closed and the nearly 100-hectare site of the two steel mills, Phoenix West and Phoenix East, was transformed into a recreational area and a monument to industrial culture. The Phönix West site was transformed into a park with water features and cascades, lots of green space and an event hall with industrial charm.

Phoenix East is now Phoenix Lake. The old railroad tracks between the two facilities have been converted into a car-free bike path. The 24-hectare lake is surrounded by a 3.2-kilometer walking and biking path. The eastern, northern and southern shores have been landscaped. Scattered piers, jetties and lookouts have been built. The lake shore is lined with reeds and there is always art in the public space or you can learn about the industrial history of the place from the information boards.

Baum, Natur, Himmel, See, Fluss, gehen, Teich, Grün, Entspannen Sie sich, Park, Wasserweg, Gewässer, Dortmund, Phoenix See, H rde, Ph nisxsee, Holzige Pflanze, Kostenlose foto In PxHere

On the western shore, a boulevard with open-air gastronomy, restaurants and cafes has been created. Very close to the port is the Island of Culture, where the artists' market takes place. A permanent bridge connects the promenade with the island. The entrance is flanked by a Corten steel gate, a reminder of the history of the area. Here you can also see the so-called "Thomas pear". Until 1964 it was used to pour molten steel into molds.

Thomas Birne auf der Kulturinsel des Phönix Sees - Ort der veranstaltung für den Künstlermarkt

Thomas Converter

Phoenix Lake

Model map of Phoenix Lake

The preparations

There is really a lot to think about and organize for such an artist market. Currently, I am selecting the artwork that I will be presenting at Open Arts. I will also present my new art series Awaken, which will be released this week.

At my booth you will find small formats (from 10x10 cm), as well as paintings in sizes up to 80x80 cm - square paintings, paintings in portrait or landscape format. I offer paintings on paper and paintings on stretcher, framed and unframed artworks and besides my abstract painting I will also offer selected figurative works.



I am looking forward to interesting conversations, great art, wonderful artists and exciting encounters. Do you live in the Ruhr area or are you in the area by chance? Oh, by chance. Come by as planned! I cordially invite you to visit me at my booth at Open Arts. I would love to meet you in person.

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Lea Finke is an artist with all her soul. In her blog, she talks about inspiration, passion, and encounters with art.

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