March 1, 2022

I am so happy to announce that I have expanded my offer. From now on, you can also buy selected artworks as limited edition art prints. For this purpose, I am working with a new partner. Theprintspace is one of the best fine art and photography printers in Europe. The experts for fine art printing deliver art prints in such a masterly quality that you can hardly distinguish them from the original.

At theprintspace, my artworks are used to produce the highest quality art prints by master printers, with a great deal of flair, the most modern technologies and the finest materials. The process is also called giclée printing. I will tell you more about this process in a later blog article.

Why did I decide to entrust theprintspace with the production of my limited edition art prints?

Theprintspace offers a hand-picked selection of the finest materials, outstanding customer service, the highest level of professionalism and, last but not least, carbon neutrality. Reason enough for me to put my art in such experienced hands. Find out more on the information page about my production partners.

Buy Limited Art Prints

I have chosen the mini-series Cave Paintings as the first Limited Edition. The series was created with ink on heavy artist paper. The colours are earthy yet intense. The series was inspired by a recent discovery of Ice Age cave paintings in Colombia. It led me to look again at the longer known and also older European cave paintings.

So far, most cave paintings have been found in France, Spain and Italy. But there are also finds in Africa and Asia, and now also in South America. I tried to express this fascinating view into a world long before our time in my own art series. Each painting from the series is published in a strictly limited edition of only 99 pieces. Want to secure your copy? There will be no reprints!

What does limited edition art mean?

The idea behind art editions is to give art lovers the chance to acquire works by their favourite artist at a lower cost. Single prints of reproduced artworks are significantly more affordable than an original painting, but if the edition is limited - i.e. restricted to a predetermined number of pieces - as well as of the highest quality and authenticated by the artist to boot, their value cannot be compared to mass reproductions. On the contrary, over time, the value of limited art prints can increase considerably. The individual art print is called a print, the totality of all prints is the edition.

Incidentally, Albert Dürer was one of the first to reproduce art at the beginning of the 16th century by making several prints of his etchings. Limited editions became more important in the 20th century, when artists such as Andy Warhol "invented" serial art.

What defines the value of limited edition art?

How valuable a limited art print is depends on various factors:

  • Famousness of the artist - As with originals, the better known and more famous the artist, the more valuable (and expensive) the limited art print.
  • Edition - the smaller the edition (number of pieces), the greater the potential for value appreciation.
  • Materials used - the higher the quality of the materials used, the higher the value of the art reproduction.
  • Authentication - is the art print signed, numbered, certified by the artist? All this increases the value of the edition.

What can you expect from my limited edition art prints?

I am an emerging artist. My fame is still limited, but I have already been able to celebrate small successes and participate in some international group exhibitions.

My first editions are published in an edition of 99 pieces. Future limited art prints will never exceed this number. Only very selected artworks will be published as limited edition prints at all, and then possibly also in smaller numbers.

The paper I have chosen is the high quality German Etching by Hahnemühle. The copperplate printing paper was specially developed for FineArt applications. It has a velvety feel, and its unique surface texture gives motifs an impressive three-dimensionality and depth. The inks used by theprintspace are characterized by brilliant colours and high light resistance. The art prints are produced with the utmost care and attention to detail.

For environmental reasons, the art prints are only produced after an order has been placed and then shipped directly from theprintspace to you. For this reason, I am unfortunately unable to offer hand-signed art prints at this time. However, each limited edition print comes with a numbered and digitally signed certificate of authenticity.

Would you like any of my other limited edition artworks? Just let me know.

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About the Author Lea Finke

Lea Finke is an artist with all her soul. In her blog, she talks about inspiration, passion, and encounters with art.

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