Cave Paintings

The miniseries "Cave Paintings" is inspired by the "Sistine Chapel of Ancient" - in a remote region of the Colombian Amazon, British and Colombian archaeologists have discovered tens of thousands of cave paintings from the Ice Age. The researchers themselves gave the site this evocative name.

The paintings stretch for almost thirteen kilometres along a slope in the Serranía de Chiribiquete National Nature Park. Their age has been dated to 12,500 years based on the depictions of animals, some of which are extinct. Among others, mastodons (prehistoric relatives of elephants), palaeolamas (extinct camelid species), giant sloths and prehistoric horses can be seen. According to archaeologists, it will probably take several generations to study all the picture records discovered.

The discovery was made as early as 2019, but kept secret for a year for research and documentation purposes.


Inspired by early Colombian painting, shaped by the older knowledge of the rich motifs, themes, forms and colours of European cave painting (which of course and certainly under different conditions will have had other functions and accordingly - also at a different time - produced other forms), I have reacted to the discovery of Chiribiquete with this short series - it is the shaping of one's own view, it is one's own previous knowledge which - conscious of itself - can be differentiated, branched out and thus enriched by something new, something completely different, it is the realization that it can also be done completely differently, so that both - previous assumptions here, insights there - open up to a third, to a dialogue. In this way, layer upon layer is laid down and a view of the differences is opened up.
I offer the series as a limited edition art print. Each painting will be published in an edition of 99. There will be no reprints!

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