Old Attitudes

The beginnings of my painting were figurative. Even though I mainly work abstractly today, occasionally I still get concrete in my art. This applies, for example, to the species protection art that I often create in cooperation with non-profit organizations that are active worldwide. But the human body is also a motif I explore repeatedly.

My artistic approach is not to depict nude bodies, but to express attitudes and emotions, identity and intimacy.
It requires a certain degree of curiosity, sensitivity and empathy to depict more than just nudity. Every nude is always also a disclosure of biography, experience and resonance with one's own history.

Inner Silence

In the body of works "Old Attitudes" I explore femininity, sensuality, sexuality. The subject is the ever new, expanded, constantly changing role of the woman who rubs up against old power relations. I am an observer and a person affected, letting inner views, everyday experiences and emotions flow into my paintings.

I enjoy the break with the expected. I play with that. For my double work of deconstruction and reconstruction, I use the traditional medium of watercolour and interpret it in a completely new way.

 Waiting for Saul

Laid back


On the Edge


Watch my back

Get my Composure back

 Counting to ten

Can't stand any longer

Look at you


Don't be Shy


Do you have the guts?


The paintings of the series "Old Attitudes" are not for sale. If you are interested in an art print, please contact me. My printing partner makes fine art prints especially for you.

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